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Curated list of SVG!

This is a repo of curated list of svgs go considering going through it! and don’t forget to share it.

New update on Motionia.js animation library!

A Good news for all the static site web developers who code in javascript library and are interested in web animation creation,

List of all svgs icons at one place!

Icons can be downloaded as SVGs directly from our website - simply click the icon you want, and the download should start automatically.

Ultimate 2 line trick to make your document fully responsive!

Every individual who’s a web engineer ought to see how to make their site receptive to even the littlest degree. It’s normal that all that is right now carefully accessible...

Ultimate list of discord devs!

Discord is a community-based chat app that allows you to connect with other individuals within your niche directly. Although Discord was originally designed for gamers.

Ultimate source for rich minimalist vectors!

DEV posts root is markdown that is not highly customizable and to make it attractive depends upon creativity.