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Javascript fully client-side Blog CMS!

Javascript fully client-side Blog CMS!

This is a CMS that works in fully client side static sites , fully rendered in browser you may also set it up in github pages just go through the blog to see its features.

Hi! Welcome

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Check out on Github :

It supports simple markdown and anyone with basic knowledge of markdown can create their own BLOG for free! on sololearn!

Easy,simple, super fast!

Getting started!

  1. Just get a copy of this code either here or on github!

  2. Then get your PROFILE ID insert in it JS part locales

  3. Create a Blog code on sololearn starting with a “#” -hastag! name your blog and post the code.

all your post will appear as a blog post in this CMS!

Last step!

PIN this(CMS) code to your profile about section!

its that simple!


How it works?

It just fetches all your codes through SOLOLEARN ApI and then convert your markdown code into html !


By using this blog CMS any one can have their coding blog on sololearn!

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